The Dice System

The Dice are a trans plural system of at least eight members. They are based in London and work as a teacher. Their hobbies (not all shared) include painting, making clay models and TTRPGs. They are a collection of artists, writers and game-designers.

Their game design work can be found at

Kayla - she/her

Finley - they/he (Frequent Fronter)

Mackenzie - they/she

Meloni - she/her (SysKid) (Frequent Fronter)
Beebee - they/them (SysKid)
Juliet - she/her (SysKid) (Frequent Fronter)
The Scales
- A median subsystem
Jack - (no pronouns)
Ace - (they/he)
(Frequent Fronter)_
Beth - (she/they)
Void - (they/them)

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